Corporate Killing of The Planet


So let’s talk about how the Reptilians who’s answer is to kill the people when they disagree with them as a way of handling every aspect of when humans get in their way of what they see as the answer.

Yes kill the people they don’t even consider if they are killing the planet. For the most part they don’t care as using up a planet is all they understand. A little piece here wouldn’t hurt or their ways are all ways the same.

That is what have put the planet in this situation in the first place. The reason I am here as the New Mother Nature is because I am a Guardian and I am not going to put up with your solutions as you have done before and killed the custodians.

Sustainability of Earth can happen but not by the Reptilians. New processes are needed with different goals for a planet to survive and the population. Changes must happen on all aspects of the systems that is created to included how it will impact the planet. The Custodians are the answer they are the ones who have the knowledge and ability to stabilize Earth.

So now we are back to square one where the answer is kill those who stand in your way. Well now lets see if you can kill me because I am going to stand in your way every time. I am going to fight for this planet I have the ability too and will. You kill My Custodians I am going to kill specifically Reptilians that is your people bottom line so now what are you going to do children.

Uncategorized U.S. Government Just Declared WAR On Native Americans, State Gives Cops the Green Light To Shoot DAPL Protesters On Sight

October 3, 2016 10:05 am by Jeremiah Jones

While Trump is busy targeting Mexicans and Muslims, his new adviser and current governor of North Dakota has just given the green light to “shoot on sight” Indigenous tribes that are peacefully protesting against the Dakota Access pipeline, according to Anarchic News.

Please share this with the world let them know how they are treating us… we are not terrorist! We are defending the land and the water! Protecting out future!

You shoot those peoples at the North Dakota Pipeline I am calling for others and Guardians to show up in Washington D.C. I will keep my promise to show up and I will not come in peace. You want war kill the Custodians nothing is going to stop me.

Joan (Mother Nature)

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