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Lighting strike kills 323 wild reindeer southern Norway – the deadliest lighting strike ever recorded  August 31, 2016

August 2016NORWAY – More than 320 wild reindeer have been found dead after a single lightning strike struck a mountain plateau in southern Norway, local officials say, making it deadliest lightning strike ever recorded. The incident is believed to have happened on Friday afternoon when thunderstorms hit Hardangervidda National Park, which is located in southern Norway and is a popular destination for tourists, featuring one of the country’s largest glaciers. The incident was first reported on Friday evening after a hunting supervisor found the group of dead reindeer on the Hardangervidda mountain plateau, but it took until Sunday before officials could visit the site to assess the situation.
“Our people in the field have found 323 dead reindeer, of which 5 had to be put down due to injuries,” said Elin Fosshaug Olsø, a spokeswoman for the Norwegian Environment Agency. All of the dead reindeer were found in a radius of just 50 meters (165 feet). “We believe all reindeer were killed as a result of one single powerful lightning strike, because of the way they were positioned,” Olsø explained. “We have never experienced such a large number of reindeer killed by lightning at the same time before. This is as far as we know a unique incident.” Lightning strikes are at times capable of killing groups of animals if they are gathered tightly together, but Friday’s incident in Norway involved a remarkably high number of dead animals, believed to be the highest number ever recorded.
A total of 68 cows were killed in 2005 when a single bolt of lightning struck a tree at a dairy farm in Australia, according to Guinness World Records. The deadliest incident involving humans happened in Peru in 1971 when lightning struck LANSA Flight 508, causing the plane to crash and killing 91 people.


Hail Storm April 27,2015…/hail-…/story-e6frflp0-1227320600142. I need to get to the pyramid to calm the weather what if it helps.

TWO factories have collapsed due to hail after storms swept through parts of Sydney.

Greenleafseer I saw in a vision that is where I need to be to help the planet. I have all ready seen the pyramid in time that I was their. So I know what is going on in the pyramid it is what I have to do. If any one wants to help me get their I guess we can send a letter to Obama I just need over 10,000 signatures of people backing the letter let me know if you want to.

WindStorm April 26, 2015…/25-killed-hundreds-injured-powerfu… This is going to get worst it can be stopped.



PESHAWAR, Pakistan — At least 25 people were killed and hundreds more injured Sunday when devastating windstorm coupled with heavy rain and hail hit Peshawar…

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Mass Animal Deaths March 5, 2011

Recorded High Food Prices Feb 04 2011

Global food prices hit record high

Amazon Experience Drought Feb 5 2011

Lungs of the World choked by Drought

Global unrest facing famine Feb 04 2011

Food prices triggering global unrest -UN

China struggles with earth changes Jan 29 2011

Drought hits grain crops as China struggles to curb prices

Earth Changes Jan 26 2011

8 Strange Earth Changes That May Threaten Civilization

South Africa Floods Jan 24 2011

South Africa floods kill more than 100

China has drought Jan 19,2011

Nearly 2.2 million Chinese population hit by drought

Sun rise two days early in Greenland Jan 14 2011

The sun rises two days early in Greenland, sparking fears that climate change is accelerating.

South America Floods Jan 15 2011

Rain in Brazil leave 555 Dead as Rio Declares Mourning Period

Floods in Asia as well Jan 13 2011

S. Lanka plots relief aid for 950,000 flood victims

Animals Die Globally Jan 4 2011

Recent World Wide! Dead Birds And Fish! They Are Everywhere

Is a large earthquake about to happen in the U.S.? Jan 4 2011

Is The New Madrid Fault Earthquake zone Coming to Life?

Large number of birds died for New Year Jan 4 2011

Over 3,000 Birds Mysteriously Die, fall from sky in Arkansas

Australian flood the size of two countries Jan 2 2011

“Biblical”floods displace 200,000 Queenslanders


7.0 Quake hit Argentina again  Jan 2 2011

Northern Argentina hit by 7.0 quake

Unprecedented numbers of water pipes leaks in Northern Ireland because of freezing temp. Dec 29 2010

December cold unprecedented

China Earthquake Ripped Ground Nov 28 2010

Ground activity to the earth crust is dramatic.

Whales suffer the effects of sunburn Nov 10 2010

The sun effects on all life on earth changes

Haiti Cholera toll at 800  Nov 12 2010

The toll on human life