We Will Stop The Use Of Nuclear Weapons

nuclear weapons

I am going to say this Kim Jong Un I have seen your two small nuclear war heads and to Trump what makes you think we are going to allow you to use them. Know that no one on this planet in spirit will allow this to happen. I hope you got the message Vatican you want me to say it louder I will. You asked for this

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Volcanic Activities While The Planet Transitions

volcano eruption

I am putting any Island that have a volcano on it with a population on notice. The volcanic activity has started as the planet frequency change. You needed to know how you can get to safety without help. As others may not reach you in time.

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Waves Causing Problems On The Planet

jupiter pole

Hey all I want to remind you we moved the planet but the changes are not over as yet. The Schumann Resonance has started to change it will continue where the planet is speeding up. As you have been seeing the planes falling out of the skies due to power of the engine was cut off by the waves. The Magnetic of the planet will cause many difficulties . If you need to talk I am here working on it.

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Seeds of Nature


Many are experiencing your plants flowering but not producing. The seeds that have been altered by those who genetic engineered seeds will produce little or no food. This is due to the changes in moving the planet and you need to go to the plants from nature to get you seeds. All so share them with others as new seeds are needed world wide. You will notice that many trees in Nature producing food. There will be no food shortage only those who promotes this lie. The plants in and of nature will be abundant in food.

Joan (Mother Nature)

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The Attitude That Is Not Spoken But Pervails

In my article called (Reproduction on Earth) I wanted to say this for a bit of humor.
Their are those who are the mammals reptilians which is the positive type blood (called Monkeys). The negative blood type are the Aryan Race known as the (Nazi) (they called themselves Superior)
First of all Melissa McCarthy you are the bomb I have no stopped laughing.

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Reproduction On Earth

OK people now let me make some connections for you. Their are those who are the mammals reptilians which is the positive type blood their are other types as well. The negative blood types are the Aryan Race known as the (Nazi). They use those of the positive blood as what ever they are needed for. So they care greatly about your ability to reproduce as they have used human children as food for the Middle Earth Reptilians.

How I know this is because I have taken over the old Mother Nature duties and have broken the agreement of delivery of human food. Yes they are trying to figure out how to gain control of you again as to continue their practice. They both the Middle Earth Reptilians and the Aryans control what happens on Earth. They are about to get a rude awakening due to the changes the higher ups has made dealing with births of both animals and humanoids.

As Mother Nature my duties involve knowing about births so this is the new you could say policy. The Aryan Race will have fewer babies as they are removed by spirit this is an order from the higher ups. I know their are those who don’t follow your leaders and I will say this your life belongs to spirit so talk to them they will make the decision for you to stay or leave. For all others for both animals and humanoids births will be slowing down. New Souls coming to Earth have been reduced. This is due to Earth is in the process of being shut down. Those who are here now will be what is needed to help with the great change that have to be made to space. So as the time moves on I want people to keep in mind you live in a reptilian world some will still want meat.

Joan (Mother Nature)

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The Call

the call

I am Calling on all of those who live within Earth’s realm. I am your new Mother Nature. I know where you are and I am calling to you to come out. Those in hidden cities in the sky, in the deep water and those of Middle Earth. We have moved Earth and it is time for change the reptilians are not listening so I call to all to bring with you all your resources to bear we will change things before Earth ends.

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The Time Guardian

time guardian

Dear Pope Francis
Hi I am writing you at this time to reveal to you I am a time guardian (Dimensional Keeper). That means when you mess with the time line I know. I even remember the last time line. Have you told your people as yet that you are unable to deliver on your promise of reversing events that happen in the timeline. Well oops I guess I told them. You can do what you want but it is not going to happen any more because of the changes spirit have made. During the planet timeline shift I have been talking about. From now on you have lost that ability that you have abused with multiple timelines. Love and kisses Joan

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Robert Muller Investigation

Robert Muller

To Mr. Muller
If you need help just ask the Angels they are supporting you . Those in spirit will reveal what you need we have asked for it.


Robert Mueller Drops Request On The White House That Has Trump Jr. Hiding Out
Lauren MacDonald – July 21, 2017

A meeting was set up in June 2016 by the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., with the help of Rob Goldstone. The meeting took place between Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort and a Russian lawyer,Natalia Veselnitskaya. Initially Don Jr. tried to brush the meeting off as a business meeting to discuss adoption, but later admitted that he was seeking dirt against his fathers opponent in the 2016 presidential election, Hilary Clinton.

The eldest Trump son even went as far as to release pages of the emails between himself and Goldstone, in an attempt to be transparent, but only after he found out that the emails were to be publicly published. Trump Jr. and the administration later came under fire for not disclosing the fact that there were eight people who attended the meeting.

Apparently this sketchy meeting has caught the attention of special counsel Robert Mueller as much as it has the American people. Mueller has asked the White House to preserve all documents they have that relate to the meeting at Trump tower in June 2016

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Time line Controlled by Reptilians are Now Gone

time line shift

So let me catch people up to the planetary timeline shift. This happened around Nov 7, 2016 you can see my article I wrote about it. Major changes where made to the time line where the Reptilians are not able to predict the out come of their plans as they work at installing the new regime. Here is an example Trump talks about Sweden attack but their was not any until two months later. Where did you think he got his info came from?
Hello Pope Francis kisses from Joan.


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