Time To Go Draco DUMBS: Lyra Actions

The Akashic Records let me have access to my lifetime as Joan and your torture. Know I have been here many times and I have all ways been me and you have been the same. Now you have to leave we are going to do this the hard way or you are going to accept my wisdom to get you off the planet in a way that you can handle. You may not like it but I do have a way this is not a choice you have any more. The stand order issued against you will be carried out their are others who will be worst than me. This year is the last time I am going to talk to you about it the changes are going to come hard and fast.

Lyra Response: Draco DUMBS

Draco DUMBS:I am well Aware,that several governments mean,that Lyras Actions against the Reptilians and Siriusss were violating their territorial rights and some might even secretely mourn about the destruction and removal of all of their so important allied Reptilian friends and supporters. IT WAS NECESSARY!For me the human terraneans as awhole and their wellfare are much more important than your governments and your shadow-governments.And our operations were necessary do be done without your consens to create a base for this polanets wellfare.

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