Spiritual Disclaimer : As Mother Nature I am not responsible for any individual timeline or contract with spirit on Earth. All beings have a contract with spirit as to their time on Earth and the events of such.

All timelines are controlled by spirit for everyone on Earth.

When I say Spirit I am talking about The Akashic Records, Lords of Karma or any governing spiritual body that oversees the activities on Earth which are many.

There are 12 governing spiritual bodies on Earth all having different aspects of life on Earth.

The Body that directly governs Earth is the Council of 9 I met them when I came in and the order they gave me was shut Earth down. That means that all governance and beings will be involved in this process. This is the last Yuga for Earth as per the Council of 9 order

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  1. GreenLeaf says:

    Chichetta really to love someone you have to live it. It is not your words that will show love it has to be who you are. How you react and deal with the ones you love. That is the true example of it speak louder than words.

  2. Rhonda Love says:

    Love is all.
    Blessings and abundant LOVE
    I AM..Rhonda Love

  3. Neale Gray says:

    Love your site very much…I came back through my intent to help, thank you so much for finding me…love and light…oxo

  4. Janet says:

    That is so true, Love is really all anything is. It’s the Love for self,others and everything because everything is Love and this is what others need to wake up to,nothing exist but Love.
    Thanks Sis (y) <3

  5. Tanya Lotus Sun says:

    Blessings to your endeavors! May abundance of Love , gratitude, and Prosperity flow with your works! πŸ™‚

  6. Thank’s for sharing your wise thoughts.This is spiritual recall πŸ™‚
    The Love is the greatest Power in the Universe,which can heal ,encourage,forgive,understand….transform …Only the Love could win the Fear in their permanent battle in the life.The law of attraction is not a secret anymore-we know that everything and everyone is connected in the Universe and what we think and give-the same we will get back-we all are the whole,so reciprocity in kindness,support and sharing is our prime duty to establish the balance and harmony on the planet.

  7. giorgio says:

    Yes, only after you see that loving yourself is the source of eternal love you become aware of the joy love for the rest of the world can fullfill your life and you turn into an example for everybody that has an open heart!!

  8. Cheryl says:

    ” each one teach one,
    each one reach one”

    LOVE THAT !!!
    And very nice site ! I will be returning πŸ™‚

  9. kristen says:

    ” each one teach one,
    each one reach one”
    a good quote but i don’t know who exactly said it.

  10. Robyn Noyes says:

    I spoke to a lady yesterday . I had a reading done .she explained something to me which after reading your story . I feel I now can relate to how she put it in context . we choose our experiences on earth . as lessons . and it gives up higher place in heaven . I work in disability as a Support worker .She told me only the highest souls who have no Karma to burn . come back to live out a life with something so hard .. I felt a very clear meaning to this …Thank You again for sharing this incredible story . we are all connected with love . we are designed to be loved it is the connect we are all suppose to share . Many Blessing XX

    • GreenLeaf says:

      Hi Robyn thanks for understanding yes I did come back because I felt love for others to help.
      Blessings Joan

      • jason says:

        I came back as well as I have huge love for all of humanity. I had a NDE when I was about 12 also experienced a possible reincarnation this year of 2013. And have been on a spiritual journey since then. Joan how do I reach the higher me again where I am experiencing the higher dimensional vibration.? I believe I am here to help others raise their vibrations and conquer their fears with the knowledge and love I have unlocked from within. Thanks and much love and light. Namaste Jason

        • GreenLeaf says:

          Hi Jason your spiritual journey is your connection to spirit. Connecting with your spirit guide to help you with this life time will help you to reach all the love that exist for you. much love and blessings

  11. Queen Tiye says:

    Love is the greatest Teacher, thank you I appreciate your site x

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