A Message about the Transition of the Planet

I want to leave a message about the transition of the planet to those who will be separated. I ask spirit about this very issue and what I was told that it will be ok. At this point and time this is what is needed for all to grow, love and to do the things we came to learn here. You will never be separated from those you love because their is no separation in spirit. Just as in those who die in the physical and we miss them they visit us in spirit it is the same. Please don’t think that you are not worthy because that is not the case. Your spiritual growth is what matters on the physical dimensions that was created. Now no matter what dimension you are in it is just a school to learn. Your choice to come to the physical and learn it means that changes will happen and it will be ok. These are one of the changes it was called into being so that we could all see that their is more. So many will not understand but you can see that we are all here together. I love you all I hope that this message will help you.


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