A Time Of Great Violence

We are about to enter a time of great violence in America. The One World Government has their plans layed. As you can see the Vatican has started with the take over of America they have worked hard to get rid of local leaders and installed emergency managers and bankrupted cities.

They have the Corporate taking all resources in their control. Where they will control what is given in nature to all as their very own. The banks are starting to get rid of the physical money slowly where you will have to use the implants to get any daily items physically. The armies of countries will be one army so they can kill who they want by using the NATO army.

The new city that is in Astana Kazakhstan will be the new power center for the Vatican. As all that is important will come down from their to the rest of the planet. New laws not what a community needs or consideration for a people who may what to live differently.

They are planning to combine the three religions into one so the sun god Ra will be the only god to worship. Also you need a leader like Putin a strong man to lead this one world government the dictator. Well we got all the element for a good cook to make their dreams to come through.

They just don’t get it we are at a turning point people their will be no sitting back while this go on you will be affected. They have keep you in comfort so the take over will be easy but I am telling you their will be nothing easy about it. So you stand up now because the future for you will not be for you and your people.

I have worked to find the truth about what is happening to the planet and delivered the information that spirit have given to me to you. They use mind control and all kinds of controls to keep you in the dark but you are the spirit of the Source. The light is stronger than the dark we will stand to push back the darkness.

I am Joan angel of the Source and I call on all agents of the Source into action. I call on those on Earth who are here for change and I call on all those who understand what I am saying to resist.

Joan (Mother Nature)

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