Activating the Pyramids around the Planet to Strengthen the Netting

How this will work is that when I stand in the pyramid that starts the energy transfer. That energy will spread to other pyramids where it will all connect. Then it will send the energy that it has from other pyramids up to the sky where the energy netting is. The netting will help the earth’s magnetic field to get stronger and protect the earth. The second affect will be all the energy that is building in the volcanoes will calm down as this energy from the core will be released. The energy from the core that is building because the planet spin is faster will continue to show it self in the very strong earthquakes, explosive volcano activity, land changes, tsunamis, large holes opening, splitting of the crust and many more happenings. When the energy is release what you are seeing will calm down until the process is over. It will take some time for this to happen as it is a process I am not sure how long. So if you want to know how I can do this then you will have to go to book now on the cover page to my voice recording.

44 people reachedGreenleafseer Pyramids comes in all kinds of ways many where made in other dimensions and are here when the planet was last shifted.. So they may function differently but they are the power houses used on the planet to help it that is the perfect pattern that is needed. If you look at the trees you will see the same pattern.
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