Animal Changes


I want people to understand the animal spirit come from heaven and they are letting me know the changes that will happen. The changes in color and abilities is due because they are sending higher spirit in to the animal bodies we had to increase the DNA for advancement.

The variety will change to some species type will come in while many will not be allowed on Earth any more these decisions where made by others. Those spirit that come in choose what animal they are going to be. The changed Earth will be what the animals will be able to handle.

I want to say to all who are here for the change much love to you and we have a lot of work to move this society into an advance enough for them to be space ready so all the Leaders of Old step it up people we are here to do work. Many are waiting for those who are called to leave Earth to a new future.

You can refuse to acknowledge it but it is happening as you can see more animals they are talking. The changes of the planet will continue to happen at a fast rate due to those who don’t understand how to deal with it and refuse to acknowledge it is happen. We are here and many others wait outside of Earth to come to grips with the change.

Joan ( Mother Nature)

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