Animal Life on The Planet

As Dimensional Keeper spiritually I have all ready seen the new animals that will inhabit the earth as they come in you will see a difference in them. As many have notice they are dieing in large numbers. This will continue to happen no large or medium size animal will remain and the ocean life will be nonexistent. I only saw two animals surviving a fish and a squirrel type animal.

Those who are care takers to the animals are collecting samples and will carry with them some of the animals off the planet. As we move into the higher dimension you will see the bacteria, others microscopic life, insects change. They on the other hand will be very much multiplying increasing numbers.

We will experience them on a larger scale that will destroy crops and other plants. The insect will be different as they reproduce into the new higher dimensional bodies you will notice mark differences. They have a higher electrical tolerance and electricity will draw them to all of the electrical appliances.

The chemicals that we have for the third dimension will not really work on them so good luck with that. That is all I can say and laughing out loud hail to the insects the first to inhabit the higher earth.

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