By the Authority of the Source

Dear Reptilians by the Authority of the Source this is the terms of your sentence. I have orders that you will not be allowed to rule earth for the next several thousands of years. You will be removed from the face of the earth society and not allowed to return until deemed so by spirit. I am telling you what I am here to do both in body and spirit. So again you have been told to stop bombing the planet your warnings are over. I am here to enact the removal of your rule. This will be the standing order as we move into the 4d until further notice.
Joan (Messenger)

Greenleafseer I am the kind of mother nature that is called in when those who are abusing their power on the planet and people. So I want to say to all those who see what I am doing and you are speechless because you don’t see love then you don’t understand thei…See More

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