By The Authority of the Source

Dear Reptilians by the Authority of the Source I was given an order to remove you from the planet of the 4 Dimensional Earth until spirit deem that you can return. This is my plan to provide a way this can happen in a manner that can be with out war. When we move to the 4d earth the planet will need to be evacuated due to repairs to earth during that time you can leave earth with others who will be going on spaceships for safety while the planet is repaired for a thousand years. All those who remain on earth will experience extreme and the violent changes that the earth will go through. The second way you can stay if the person agrees their will be an Overseer for the Reptilians. This person will be responsible for you being able to stay on the planet. During the time of the Overseer you will be under that person protection. Their will be a city provided for you to live in. Without the protection of the Overseer the standing order will remain that you be removed by all Guardians until spirit deems this order to be canceled.

Joan (Messenger)

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