Dead Man Switch

There are some things I want people to know when heaven calls me in it means that talking to the beings to change what they are doing has come to a stop and it is time to remove them. I am the military part of heaven as well as a custodian. So we have repaired the planet to a point of stability the others are activating the pyramids to help with the shielding of the energy from the magnatar. Many of the custodians are starting to leave as their work was meant to give those who are to leave an opportunity to be able to set up for the departure from Earth.

I am writing this to the public so you will know the undertones I have is what you see is what you get. I am here to help Earth through this transition. The Reptilians want war with those who are outside of the Earth and on the population who they consider as less superior the (+) I am starting to see deaths in spirit.

I am saying this is because my body is dying and I am being removed before my time to leave Earth in the physical. I have set up a dead man switch that on the moment of my death. Those who are leaders and support will die so many will die within a short period of time of each other say hello a friend The Angel of Death.

I know some do love me and hate me well we all have our work to do in spirit. Reptilians you can leave , stay in peace or you can leave in spirit. You will not stop what is to happen and killing the people because that is your plan we will not let that happen. So to the leaders of the planet just like you had no control over the planet you don’t have any control about this it will happen. For the people you kill who are to leave the same will be done to you superior Reptilians you (-) will die the same number. Since you are of a smaller population on the planet you should be gone soon.

Remember you can’t hide as the forces of the unseen is more that is seen we see everything.

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