Dimensions Parallel Earth’s

Their are about 20 universes earth are part of them consider it a copy. The question of what came first the chicken or the egg can be explained. The chicken came first how do I know here is my explanation
The Lumerians many have heard of them they where of the 5 dimension they moved the earth to the 4d. The technology existed in the 4d to move planets with the Atlantians who move the planet to the 3d. In the 3d many of the knowledge was hidden and spiritually advancement is what is need to be able to do this kind of work. So you will see individual souls come in who can do things that will make you question what you know. The earth is a library of sorts where life can flourish and be moved to set up new earth’s. Many are here to save the 3d earth and move the 5d earth back to 4d where new animals and life will be again. That has been my work for a very long time and I know it is hard to believe but I am not asking for you to believe. Just as we all thought that the milky way was the only galaxy.Then you saw the pic of Hubble and saw many. Your perspective changed in a moment that their are others. I am asking for perspective that this change can happen again. So I leave you with this from a friend

Tiye understand the dimensions are beyond the expectation of man.
They are twenty dimensions distributed upon the earth from the time of the ancient ancestors.
Oh Tiye teach to bring fort the power of ancestor’s dimension that passes on from the earth.
Oh Batool of being, teach to move forward the stagnant being from the dimension of mans
I will bring your life force into gear Tiye.
Spread the dimensions to accomplish the Universal Consciousness of earth.
The Unseen
Via the Vessel Used
Queen Tiye.

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