We are more complex than our minds can handle as our minds deal with this world. Our spirit needs more it leads us to deal with and try to understand that we are more than just physical. We struggle with larger questions of our existence and the place we live in. Even knowing that we are not alone but loved and want the love to grow and be satisfied in our spirit with the limited time we have here on earth

Spirit Teachers . . . There are many who teach about spiritual aspects the best teachers I have are those who are in spirit that visit me. They come to teach me how to affect the clouds, tornadoes, water, and levitation. They are very personal and know who I am. Their presence gives me the encouragement and comfort I need. When the task I face alone is hard and I need direction and encouragement to get through the difficulties in my life.

The School . . . When I left my body and was standing before someone of pure light and bigger than me it was interesting I was not afraid. I had instant knowledge of all things and that the earth is a place to learn for all of our spirits. We all have specific lessons our spirits are to learn. This time is a graduation for many with a change in the level, something more will be added and we are not alone others help us. This place is taken care of by spirit who cares and watches over the planet.

Eternal Love . . . It is something I can only point to it has different meaning to others. We are loved in the way we need it by the Source whether we feel it or even recognized it. This love makes me aware of the Source’s presence and feel the connection that I have with spirit it overwhelms me at times. I can only describe the love as the best hug I have ever got from a loved one. It so real that the love melts away the stress of the situation and the love remains more stronger than any feeling of doubt. The connection gives you the knowing of undisturbed love that could get you through any experience. What is happening to you the love holds you up as you face the situations that is coming at you. Then the strength comes with confidence as love washes you into a place of peace and rest that you are not left alone. Nothing can break the love that exists for you with the Source.  Neither time, distance, place will continue to stop that love it will always be their.  You are real again in a different form of body.

This is only a school for the spirit at some point in life we become aware of this in living. Even as we know all in spirit form their are things to learn in the physical that test us all.

The body is the transport with the liquid that contains the memory of the messages. We our spirit provides the electrical information the charge of electromagnetic waves are the communication between the body and the spirit. As the message moves from the spirit to the body it is translated by store house of the experience information in the brain. The brain then relates it to concepts that we are aware of on this plane to try to explain it.

Full spiritual awareness is done with you already being their many who are coming in and already here have it and just is waiting for the change where spirit and physical can be traveled easily to explain with out words what is happening then the technology will leap forward.

If you change the vibrations in to love it will ease the pain faster the two are opposite in feeling love one can over come the pain. The spirit knows that loving increase your vibration and electrical responses where pain can be blocked.

I think learning how to love comes from the love we feel that comes from the connection we have with spirit. Keep it simple just ask for it and keep on asking then wait when you feel the love from spirit you will move to loving your self. To experience love and reject loving yourself is like saying that you are not worthy acceptance is the realization .

If water is imprinted with healing vibrations do you think it will transfer to the patient and change their water points to heal them?Also would you have an idea of how long water takes to work on a person.

For something to come into being it is manifest in spirit first before the physical appears. In our spirit we all have the ability to learn and move beyond our mind or even thoughts of what is possible.

Eternal love is some thing that stays with you no matter where you are. When that love presents it self to you their is no denial that it exist. (to have a real being whether material or spiritual)

A lot of the younger generation coming in have a spiritual connection that they are showing and learning because the change that is happening to both the planet and life on it.

Separate but Together

I lived in Brooklyn with my family, when my life was completely altered by a serious illness. The month was March the year was 2008 and that was the moment my life was unalterably changed forever. I awakened to my higher self, to the infinite, to the limitless being of my true self, which allowed me to go beyond the earthly boundaries, conventional wisdom and spirituality. There I embraced enlightenment and began understand that which I truly am.

Severe chronic chest infection fused with asthma and chronic spasms of the muscles, had forced me to take to my bed. The illness had my family deeply concerned about my well – being and ultimately deciding to take me to the hospital. Even seeing the wide open door of death staring back at me I didn’t want to be admitted into the hospital. In fact, that was the last thing I wanted to happen. I could see, in my mind’s eye, strange doctors and nurses surrounding me and feel the tubes and needles prodding me and adding to the pain I was already feeling. I made a conscious decision in that moment that I preferred to die in the comfort of my own home surrounded by loved ones, rather in a strange hospital bed.

So, I worked diligently to convince my partner to take me to our doctor instead of the hospital and on the way I asked, “Please promise me, you will not let them send me to the hospital to be admitted, promise me that you will return me home even if they want to admit me”.  It did not take long for my partner to seal the promise that was made, on our way to hear what the doctors would say. The doctors immediately wanted to admit me, but my partner didn’t let me down. They discussed my health in detail and it was agreed I could go home, but only if I was not going to be left alone and would be properly taken care of.

On the way home I was in so much pain that doubled me over. I laid on my bed and was in pain all over. But then, at some point I felt no pain, just relief, and was ready to leave this earth for good. I closed my eyes and suddenly found myself standing in the tunnel of darkness and looked at a small point of light steering back at me.  As I traveled through the tunnel the light got bigger and brighter. Then an image came before me. A 12 foot person in a long white robe who was brighter than sunlight presented himself. And then I was divided into two. My mind (consciousness), was in a glass box, while my spirit – body stood before the being of light. My spirit was shining with the bright light as well but I was much smaller in size.

As I stood before the being of light I asked to go home, “can I cross over” I asked and he responded, “ no, you must go back, suck it up and go back”. I Seriously felt floored by those words at the time, even years later I still felt the same. I like having fun and joking around but to say that to someone leaving this life and expecting to go to my spiritual home was rather interesting to say the least. He then proceeded to tell me that they had kept me there for five days.

I was in front of the messenger listening to him speak, talking to him, wondering how I was  going to stand there for five days. My mind, the part people think of as consciousness, watched me, as spirit for five days while locked in a glass box. I found my consciousness reunited with my mind and would knock on the box trying to get the attention of my spirit self but they would only turn the sound on and off leaving my mind with only bits and pieces of the conversation. Even after my – selves were reunited, what I remembered I was told by the messenger came in pieces, one was to deliver a message to all,” That God loves all and has a place for everyone“.

One of the awareness’s that I also experienced was that I knew all the answers of the universe since I was there for an extended time. I had complete knowledge of how it all worked together in an instant. Also while I stood in front of the messenger he was talking to me about what my duties were. As he told me I was aware that what he was saying was something I was not able to do, so I mention that . He replied that now I was given the abilities to do the mission he described to me in my spirit – body. Then he opened the folds of his rob. It was like curtains parting as I stepped into a doorway hidden there and entered into a place where pure love existed. It was the most incredible experience I ever had there are now words to describe it. Then I stepped out of that place back in front of the messenger where we, he and my spirit talked some more. I was then made whole,  my mind and spirit rejoined as I stood in front of the messenger. Lastly a white rob came over me and was placed on me. I felt a charge and an increase of energy.

I then was traveling back to earth still hearing instructions being delivered. I always wanted to be an astronaut in space; it was an ambition of mine. I got to see the blue marble earth from space, that’s one item check of my list. I then returned back into my body. It was very scary. My blood vessels felt like it was on fire even two hours later I still felt the burning sensation. Shortly after I felt huge, more like my spirit – body had expanded. Now I know what it is to be stuffed in a mayonnaise jar. For six months I had problems being back in the body. I noticed that time felt slower, as I watched the seconds on the clock tick by. Lets just say time drove me crazy for a little while. I also came back with a lot more knowledge. It’s not the end of my story but all I could say for now.

This is the first time I have told others. Could you tell I was nervous? I hope you find light in it and if you don’t that’s OK Spirit has a sense of humor I experienced it and I am still laughing.


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