Moving the people to the Terminals to be ready  June 1, 2015 ·

So here is an update about getting ready for the Shift I was standing in a terminal. Directing many to the places that we all will be waiting to enter the next dimension. It was very exciting to be doing the readying for it. We have lots of small details to take care of until the time comes.

I Saw 3 grade 7 Earthquakes to hit the Country of Nepal  May 12,2015

Their will be one more 7 grade earthquake to hit Nepal. In my vision I saw three 7 grade earthquakes to devastate the country of Nepal.

How to affect a Tornado  Oct 15, 2012

We all have a field that surrounds us and spirit can extend that field. To affect a tornado from a safe distance or even before it drops down fully extent your hands toward the funnel. You can say words to help if you want I usually say don’t drop down if it is forming and focus on the winds to get them to shift or calm them down with in my spirit. Or you can say calm down to the winds. The point is to extent your spirit to affect what is unstable and stabilize it through spirit.

Custodians   Oct 10, 2012

If you read my first blog Separate but Together I left out some details.
I am a custodian and what I do is take care of the physical realms that was created by the source. I was given a mission to safely dimensional over see the transfer of this planet school to it’s new home. I was also given spiritual abilities as well to do the work for this event. During my time learning of what I had to do I was shown other custodians. For two years I had faces flash in my dreams more than ten at a time of all who are here in many different capabilities. We all have different things to do to help the planet. It will take both physical and spirit to stabilize this planet as it goes through the transition. Once it is done we will leave it to go back to the source and the school will function again as it should. During this time many will leave to go home in spirit, others to different places
with extraterrestrials who are here to help as well and those who are to remain will help with the work.

The Defense System that Protects the Planet.  Aug 17, 2012

The planet has an two system energy field that was created to protect it.
The pyramids are part of the system it focus the energy field of the planet to the secondary system that is not seen it is like an netting that absorbs the energy to protect the planet.
Most of the pyramids were made unable to work because the crystal skulls where removed. The crystal focus the energy to the pyramid so it can be used. Since many are removed from the original places to focus the energy we have disable the system to a point of dysfunction.

The Call   Aug 7, 2012

I had a dream of being in the heavenly place when the source called to all who would volunteer. To participate in an spiritual event that involved the earth many answered this call. From many worlds that is part of the system the earth belongs to you have come here
to help shift the planet back to the fifth dimension your time is close where we will.
You will be able to return to your worlds many are waiting outside of earth atmosphere
to assist and help those who are to leave. Also for those who are to remain on the planet
they will help us make it through the time the planet is going through it’s changes we will
not be alone for the source has provided the love and help we need.
Blessings to all who are to stay and leave in all forms

Room with magnetic lighting  Aug 22, 2012

I had a dream of entering a place and throwing a lever where the light was electromagnetic and it just appeared in the room I was their because I had work to do to help the planet.

Underground Room  Aug 24, 2012

I had a vision of a square hole underground to get to the other side of the tunnel I had to crawl through. Their was a room on the other side the hole looked like it was cut by a machine.

Large number of people leaving  April 27, 2012

Hi All I don’t usually do this but I saw a large number who will leave soon.
I am not usually don’t mention these things but we are all connected and hope
to say how ever you talk to spirit put something up for that they leave fast.

Trees Producing Fruit March 31, 2012

I dreamed of trees many kinds that had less leaves and only a small amount of fruit produced.

Sand Tornado Feb 16, 2012

I have seen a sand tornado in my dream two or three times already.