Earth’s Population Change

Hi All this is especially for governments a division of the people on Earth will happen. There will be 4 divisions those who will leave the planet are 2 and those who will remain on the planet will be 2. Those who are to leave because they will be picked up by those from space as they came to help earth they will return to their respective places. Those who have made the choice to leave Earth through death during the process of  moving the 4d Earth. These will have to be removed from their residence in body bags and you will need to have teams of people doing this work. Also a place to put the bodies because it will be a lot and you would not have time to bury them. I saw putting them in a large buildings with air conditioning. The next two groups are those who will survive the separation. Those of the 3d and 4d Earth. The population will get smaller so they are not to be killed because they will be all that you have who will have the skills to take care of others. I know you all ready have the FEMA  Camps they are to be open not closed with guards. Many will be homeless as the land changes happen. You should also set up places where someone can walk in and get a meal and be able to sleep as this will help the transition. Their will be cities that have population missing if you can maintain that city then move those their. The cities will need to be consolidated on the planet their will be many that you will not have the resources or the man power to keep up. The resources you will need will be in other abandon cities so just have the people go get them. Don’t forget about the animals you should set up teams of people to deal with those issues. The 3d earth will get to try this again because we are taking the problems that are left with the planet to the 4d dimension where we can finish the repairs.

I was meet by a messenger who also gave me a message to deliver this is to all, “That God loves all and has a place for everyone“.

Joan   (Dimensional Keeper)

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    Why this website don’t have other languages?

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