The End of the Vatican is at Hand

​ The Vatican means war and destruction on Israel and they are behind the whole thing. You have no clue how they use countries and military to do their agenda. I see them and know their plans. All the military is controlled by the Vatican and in the name of American they can do what they want.  Pope Francis was also a Black Pope. He approved of the attack on America to bring us into the wars. They have behind the wars in the Middle East and all those who are homeless. The suffering on the planet is their plans to kill the population on the planet so they can survive what is happening on the planet. I have asked them to stop but they have no reason to stop.  The economy crash that took people around the world financially, they control the media where you see the symbol of the snake. They have intimidated and killed many and now they are trying to attack Israel. It doesn’t matter what they put up to make it all right to attack Israel I will speak out against them. Your time here is coming to and end Reptilians. We will say no then what are you going to do oh yeah kill every one that get in your way. Think again the heavenly realm are here we will stop you. This is for all to know that Rome the Vatican will be taken I have seen it. The whole of the Vatican will be a big hole in the ground.

I am going to show my self to the Military on Oct 31, 2015 at Washington D. C. by that time you all will have a clue.

Joan (Messenger)

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