Mandela Effect : Fake Time Line


Hi all I am writing this for all on the planet I need to make you all aware of. Some time ago someone gave the Reptilians a time window or they found it. Yes they had a time window that gave them the ability to view the information of what was going to happen in the future. They used their ability to manipulate certain events were as to change it’s out come. In tampering with time they violated not only the fabric of time but the individual time line agreements but also created a shimmering change that had a dimensional affect. Many time laws where in violation by their actions.

This violation didn’t go unnoticed along with other things they where doing by the Council of 12 who controls all dimensions. Many where called from all dimensions to change aspects of what the Reptilians have done. I was given several tasks one of them was to gather all those who would advance to a changed time line. As dimensional keeper my work is between dimensions,gates,portals and such. I have the ability to review the changes and witness violation in spirit as well as the physical.

I have spoken to others who have witnessed were a wall of shimmering change like a wave would come through and their memory of an item that exists disappears as an example. Now not everyone have the ability to remember time changes based on their spiritual work and understanding. This also causes a fractal of time of multiple directions. So to remove their ability to affect this action heaven made a series of change as to their ability to predict the future and interfere with the new line any further.

On October 2014 I opened the dimensional gates as to allow those in spirit to come into this dimension from other higher dimensions. The fourth and fifth gates where opened and many came to help with the changes. On November of 2014 a time split happened with the population of the planet where two timeliness where created. It took them some time to finish the work and on November 07, 2016 they closed the time line changes. As many predicted disaster for Earth on December 2016 into January of 2017. The changes I was seeing was much more calmer for the planet. Now there is more than one time line and other sophisticated items that where added to stop the tampering.

Those of you who have memory of a different time line yes it is different. Spirit held us in a place of safety until the changes where made and you will notice them now as difference in time. Please try to deal with the changes because it is your new time line. Many will settle in and continue their spiritual agreements. Now portals have opened and these will call to those who have to continue on their journey as this is not your final location. You will know in spirit what has to happen as you will be guided by spirit to the new portals.

I will be opening a large portal where people can walk into the other side some time in the future. I will let people know when the time gets closer for the event to happen and the details.

Joan ( Dimensional Keeper)

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Joan Hamilton 2017

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