Fear of Climate Change

Let me put your fears of climate change to rest. This is not climate change, it is a planetary change that we are experiencing.  We will be facing and experiencing even more severe changes as the alignment with the galaxy moves into place. How do I know this? Well I get to see it in my visions this planet will not be the same, nothing is going to be the same.

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2 Responses to Fear of Climate Change

  1. D says:

    Well, knowing that is planetary or just climate, by telling people that a massive tsunami/earthquake will break out won’t put the people’s fear to rest. If you are true in your words I think you could do some more, as for me, I’m going to keep checking on your credibility

    • GreenLeaf says:

      Yes I can do a lot more but that is spirit leading me to do it. lol my credibility only spirit will demostrate that as well I waiting to see as well.

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