Governments/Shadow Governments Reptilian Control

Vatican City is outside of both boxes so people what is the lesson did you learn. I am going to say it they control the boxes so all the madness goes back to them when are you all going to learn. Hello Pope Francis I see you!!!!!!! lol

I want you all to understand they control all governments don’t be fooled. The two faces of the Vatican the light/dark, government that is elected/government that is control in the shadows this is how they operate this is their flow chart. The Pope Francis had Bernie go to see him in the middle of a campaign of Election when would another country leaders have to go to The Vatican?

Notice people Russia is in the flow of the chart lol Putin nice job acting like you don’t know what is going on. They are all connected people that is the reason money was found where other politicians used the same people to hide money open your eyes millennials this is their flow chart.

Look who are directing you and you will understand why. I asked two question when Pope Francis came to America. What was the regret he had that making a correction for. The second was how long did he serve as the Black Pope Shadow government ruler.

The Reptilians will not tell you the truth because you can’t handle the truth isn’t that right Pope Francis who controls the governments or more like the truth is only for them not the rest of the planet.


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