Heaven’s Plan


I want to say to the many here in spirit and physical you are doing a great job. The planet is starting to show stability and the weather is coming under control.

We have worked for a time now to stabilized Earth soon we will be able to hold it for a while.You should start seeing this happen as the planet have less large storms. This is only for a period of time as many will have room to take a breath.

As many aspect of life on Earth is changing very fast the births of both humans and animals will be less. This was a decision made by those higher up in spirit. Earth will not be able to support life as we know it not even underground. Due to the Energy that is coming into the planet many are expose to gamma and x-ray energy. This will cause more deaths as we all have been seeing along with the changes of the trees and soil on the planet.

We the Leaders of Old where called by the Source to be here during this time. The plan of heaven is to take those who are to leave Earth to have a way to a new planet like Earth. We are to coordinate the evacuation of the planet and communication with those in space waiting and the governments of the planet. We also have the information and plans of what is needed to be taken with those who are to leave.

Many have come in spaceships from other galaxies to help with the part of the plan to move large amounts of people to another planet. They have contacted your leaders and are waiting in space for us to start the process of helping move the population of Earth. Once the time period has ended and those who are to leave go to the ships.

Many of the Custodians have already started to leave to go home. I am not sure how long this time period will be but once they all leave we will experience what we have seen on the planet. It will get worst my hope is that the planet will have moved forward with a decision on what they want to happen. We the Leaders of Old will work on having the population that is left in cities that will have some protection.

To those who stay on Earth to finish your timeline here I will work to keep the planet stable as long as I can. People it will be up to you to get your governments to listen as they have not as yet because their plan is to save themselves by hiding underground. I am sure that many of your leaders where expecting destruction this coming year but Heaven had a plan that they where to fearful to get it lol. They where planning for a fight instead and that is good an all but it is not up to them alone if everyone dies it is up to you. This is the reason We the Leaders of Old are here to do this work as your leaders figure out what they are going to say to you.

Oh Yeah good luck with that planet leaders

Joan (Mother Nature)

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