Helping the Planet Keeping it Together

The planet is moving to a higher dimension and I am the Dimensional Keeper to over see this event. Many are here from other realms in spirit to help with the event. You can ask for help at any time they will be right by your side.

This event is not a pole shift but a dimensional shift it has happened only once before. The Mayan has made mention of this time in their history now we are about to go through it. How the past effects the future many have no idea how real it is. They have had dreams of it happening and it has been found on the emerald tablets of the event. Being reminded of it is scary that such things like moving a planet went on at that time. Just like when we all saw the pictures of the universe and the galaxies it was beautiful and scary at the same time. Let your spirit help your minds to over come the fear. Your perspective on life become broader that our past and future interlinks.

The first part are the volcanoes they are releasing the pressure that is building up so they will continues to release the energy for lack of a better word speed the planet will be building up to. The earthquakes have all ready started as well they will get worst so you will see more tsunamis. Certain parts of the faults will rip wider and the planet will shake like when you are going fast. Then at some point we will have enough speed to enter the time space void. That is when every thing will go black it will not be frozen. Think of it as being car sick when you riding to much. After the three days of travel the sunlight will just appear and we will be in the forth dimension. Their will be a wave as well that will pass over the whole planet. The planet and the people along with structures will make it through. Due to this shifting we have been losing time so the days will be as before a regular day instead of it moving so fast and the planet will calm down in all the disasters we will be seeing. Their will be a small percentage of life lost due to the event.

Well every person and animal will feel no well. So people should have some water and any type of food to go through the period close by. Their will be no electricity of any kind it will be a strange time. People should stay home when it starts. If you are close to your home then walk home or have supplies in your car. If you are far from home please help others who are stranded. We will be each other emergency services until this time is over. Please do it in a safe manner as no to let any one do something unsavory. Most of all try to sleep while it is happening let everyone stay in their beds. Due to the sick feeling we all will experience. I know three whole days would be long but this will affect the whole planet.

I want to express that this is an event an it should be taken with all seriousness by our governments as to develop plans to take care of things we have on the planet. I saw the planet making it through this event in a manner where society will be still intact. We can do this together as a planet just we need to talk about it as an event like many other events. We have Christmas where the whole planet works together for it to go smoothly. I hope this will help all have a better understanding to discuss this subject more. The time frame for the event is from now  2014 to 2016.
Much Love to All

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