High Volume of Earthquakes

My dreams have been for a while now to see what kind of destruction that will happen on the planet. I will just say that the planet will start shaking and it will not stop until the wave of electricity goes by the planet. You can read my article “Divine Fire” that will give you an idea to what this wave will be like. The shaking will not make sense to scientist as the event that is about to happen we on Earth have not experience it before. The magnitude of the earthquakes will be increasing as the wave gets closer.

Many communities will experience destruction of buildings. Many will be homeless and the situation will be come so great help will be hard even to move around for transportation. The roadways will be inaccessible so people you just need to talk to those around you and make plans. The oceans will be dangerous during this time as the planet moves the sea will produce monster waves.

Many will be without electricity, water and food so ready yourselves. I mean this in a spiritual way for the things we are about to face.

Much love and blessings to you All

Joan       (Mother Nature, Guardian, Dimensional Keeper)

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