Higher Energy Earth Changes

We are here to take the Earth into a higher energy field. I have been talking to you about this for a while now. You have seen the increase of the storms along with other things happening on the planet. When will you get the message the old ways will not work that pipeline will be destroyed. The amount of heat and energy will make having all things that takes flammable liquids dangerous to have around. The technology must change I know that you have it and not willing to release it.

The Earth will continue to be unstable for a while as the changes to the new higher energy comes in. The new changes must happen as without them the Earth will die. You will see whole cities abandon for other places to live. We have made these changes as it was order by the those higher in spirit. Your wars now will be are you going to survive the planet natural processes for what you have been doing. Your inability to change will be the death of your societies.

The custodians are here telling you what you need to do but it is up to you to listen or not just know their will be harsh consequences as the planet don’t recognize stupidity.

Joan (Mother Nature)
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