Hollow Earth Reptilians

hollow earth

The subject I am to talk about is human trafficking well it is a big part of the Earth history. We live in a Reptilian world they need to eat and we are part of that systems. Why you think they promote having babies so hard? The Catholic Church want you to have that child they have even influence people and countries. If you look at the reasoning behind it that will give you the ability to question the practice.

All leaders carry the responsibility of their office the decision they make and all the lives they impact you can call it a blood stain upon their very being.

I going to tell you about mine at least one of them as the New Mother Nature. I can see what goes on with the planet and the subject about the children being taken for food. I would see were they where taken and how they where packaged. The many aspects of what was being done even on the internet I knew what I was seeing. My heart literary hurt when I saw the bodies and I felt that I couldn’t breath.

This agreement was up held by previous Mother Natures and the Middle Earth Reptilians. Where she agreed to carry the stain of blood upon her being for many on the surface of the Earth. This would keep those underground from coming to the surface to take the people.

I had to deal with that agreement as to whether I would make the same choice and carry the stain of blood upon my very being.

I chose to break this agreement they where not happy about the choice I made. So to all the leaders of the planet you refuse to listen like what I do don’t exist. Now you can carry that burden for your people I am not going to sit by and support your plans. Since I am not to be listen to then you assume my responsibilities that is what you want here it is yours for until I am finished being Mother Nature.

Joan ( Mother Nature)

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