Human Meat in the Market Place

A while back I had a dream of visiting a community who where serving a different kind of meat. They were very popular for the meat was delicious and was all the rave to the rest of the communities. The other communities had no idea that they where being lied to as they trusted where they said that the meat was coming from.

As I looked around the community that sold the meat they didn’t have the resources for them to do what they where saying. I spoke to the leaders of there community they couldn’t explain why. So I put the leadership in jail and after a while they were concerned about what their people was doing. During another inspection of that community facilities I was able to find the slaughter house and where they where killings human babies and using their meat as a food source that was being sold.

This is what I am going to say to those who are selling this meat you will stop. The custodians and myself will find your processing facilities and shut them down. If you don’t start doing this willingly then we will advertise who you are to the rest of the others will know I will follow through with what I am saying

Joan                           (Mother Nature)

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