I Didn’t Come Alone

I want to say to the Reptilians I am here because I am fearless know who you face. You may have power or might but I have love to face you and know how to battle you.  I want you to know the Best of the Best Guardians are here with me. Called from all dimensions so they are fearless and experienced. When they start the killings on the planet many will watch the Guardians they will not stop until the Vatican falls. Know you are seeing the Guardians of the Source they will not be stopping pay attention Dark Forces allies to the reptilians know who you are up against.

My conversation with Jason Hurley Hi darling!. 🙂 I had a dream when I was a very small child… From 150 feet away I was watching a full snake(HUGE!) chasing me.., Then the scene changed to viewing as the 1st person, looking back over my shoulder. Hissing with fangs, It was coming in for the strike! I don’t have any fear of them now though. Hey be careful, my nickname issth Jake the Sthhnake and I’m gonna come over and kissssth You.

At 8:37 PM, Joan H-Greenleafseer said the following: My Response Hi darling when I was a child I had a dream of a big black snake as well. We where in the same room together and the snake was covered in a big box. I spirit came into the room with me and he told me to kick the box so I did. Then the snake came out and he grabbed the snake by the head and ripped it’s head off. Then he turned to me and said they will never hurt you again. So you should expect the angel of death tonight have a nice visit. 8:37 PM

I want people to know they attack me both in spirit and physical know this is not a game for me. I am here to do my work for the Source your understanding is appreciated.

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