In Memorial of the Bakr Boys of Palestine

The Noble Die Hard

In Memorial of the Bakr Boys of Palestine

The noble die hard, They played at war in their games for that is what happens with anger that is pass to generations. Their focus was on themselves at the time and loving those around them. They played and enjoyed the time that was given to them to live by spirit.

For those who survived, and mourned the lost, such a happening brings sorrow to the heart and anger grips their very soul. To a people who are killed and beaten but will not surrender who they are.

Those individuals who cause the event of such a happening in their lives and heart continue on with a new burden upon their very spirit until the they have to face love and lay the burden down. To the people of Israel who face such horrors of genocide and the cycle of the horrors that haunts their very souls.

How will they justify their carelessness and the hard actions against the noble? They cannot as we all watch and feel the sadness of their actions and hope one day they would will be healed and turn their face to love. How our hearts yearn for their healing, that the planet show them love they cannot see.

The noble die hard in all of our lives because all of our hearts weep for their passing and innocence lost for those who loved them for the time they where here.

Much love to All


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