Increased Intensity of Violent Weather

Hi all I was installed as the new Mother Nature on Dec.11 2012. At that time many of the systems of the planet where crashing. Many have worked for years now repairing the planet both in spirit and the physical. I have reached a point in my work where we have repaired the earth’s crust to a degree of stability. Now that the earthquakes will not rip the planet apart the atmosphere is very unstable because of the weaken magnetic field and the gaps in it that let in the weather from space in. The pyramids where built to help protect the earth and I have to activate them before the weather gets more violent. You can say they are the back up electrical system to protect the atmosphere on earth. I need to get to three pyramids in Alaska that are under the government control to accomplish this tasks.  The increase of the weather violence is due to the increase resonant frequency of the planet as we move it to a speed that will move the 4d earth out and stabilize the 3d earth. This is what has to be done so the repair can be stable. I am leaving new rules for the 3d earth so that those who don’t understand when spirit speaks to them to stop bombing the earth you are told for a reason. This planet has been one of the oldest schools for spirit to learn and it will be protected by the Source.

Joan (4D Mother Nature)

Steve LongSteve Long 1st

Longs/ magnetricity/hidden tech

This speeding up she talks about is caused by the pressure magneticly that comes from the Suns path around the Arm of Orion we are headed towards the Center of the milky way it is a Einstein bridge not a black hole.”


No the Schumann resonance occurs at a frequency of approximately 7.83 Hz. Now the frequency is about a 16 Hz I will be raising it again. Like I have mention before many are here to move the 4d earth out and to do that we have to raise the resonant frequency so their is an easy transfer. This is how I know about the changes that will happen and you can read them on my blog thanks for you thoughts Steve .

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