Israel Spiritual Judgement Decision

On Feb, 11 2020 I was told that a Spiritual Judgement has been handed down by The Lords of Karma for Israel.

This is the message for Israel from the Lords of Karma.

The Lords of Karma Judgement is you will lose half of your population in the walled city. The Angel of Death is in the process of taking those who are to leave Earth. You will have the space for those who have settled on the West Bank to be moved into the walled city. Your judgement as a nation will be stopped by releasing the West Bank back to Palestine. Now if you chose not to accept this decision your karma will continue. I am delivering this message to you it is up to you.

On Aug 21 2021 a program by Vice News  on : Palestinian Homes are Being Demolished in Jerusalem.

Palestinians in the Silwan neighborhood of Jerusalem face either losing their homes or having them entirely demolished — at their expense. Hind Hassan travels to Silwan as demolitions begin, and meets the residents who are determined to stay and fight.

Joan (Mother Nature)

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