Large Cracks will show up in North America

I had a dream of large cracks that will show up in the crust of North America more than a mile deep. As the shifting of the land masses happen we will see the damage to the planet will be much more apparent with large openings. In my dreams I saw buildings falling into the cracks with people who will be trapped at the bottom of the cracks and others trying to get them out from above. You will need  lots of rope ladders because going down will be to unstable. Set up cranes that will go down and bring a lot of people up. You will have a short period of time before the structures collapse and move.

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  1. Scientists have discovered a crack in the Earth’s crust that threatens to pull North America and Europe closer together and cause the Atlantic Ocean to vanish in about 220 million years.

  2. Jamey Shorr says:

    Respect to article author, some wonderful entropy.

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