Lets Talk about Bugs

lol I really have to laugh at this subject first just give me a few minutes. I know it is a very serious subject for the planet as a whole. We have an industry that uses chemicals that affects the environment of the planet both the plants and animals of all sizes. So just let me say this to you when a bug comes by and you reach out to kill it I have some bad news. We are going to experience such numbers of insects that is all ready rising and they will be hard to kill them both chemically and physically. The plagues of insect we have seen in the past will not compare to how much we are starting to see. I saw in a dream where they blocked out the sun and it was black because their numbers where massive and will be uncontrollable. Yes crops are all ready being attacked and lost because of their growth. The bees will be able to live indoors with the plants as the pollinators. I saw them fling around large green houses doing their work as bees much love to them and all the creatures of the planet. So we need to move growing food indoors as part of the plan for the future.

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