Lightening Increasing In Densely Metal Cities

During the Sun Maximum there will be major electrical storms.
These storms will be unlike anything we’ve seen before. Recently I have been shown the structure of the lightening storms and the devastating impact they will have on people that live their. The storms will affect the cities they strike in ways that are not typical or familiar to the inhabitants of this planet.

The lighting from these storms will be very intense striking even without rain or thunderstorms. And the lightening won’t just be in overhead. It will literally hit the streets and sidewalks when it strikes. People in cars built from metal of any kind or surrounded by metal will die from the intensity of the lightening and the increase of the static electricity

In order for people to survive this period city officials will need to provide heavily rubberized mats for the public to stand on during these storms. Vehicles made entirely from rubber and/or plastic will be the only way to safely travel in any type of car,bus,train or other vehicle. People will be also able to help themselves a great deal by using rubberized footwear if they must be out during these storms. It will be a very dangerous time period and transportation of any kind will be difficult until the storms subside.

In addition the sheer danger of the situation and the difficulties the storm will cause in travel, there are concerns as well. Due to the increase electrical current hitting the cities there will be a significant increase in electrical static. This build up in the cities with electrical charges being held in the metals that make up the infrastructure of most cities will cause a lot of problems with regular electrical usage. It will be important during these periods that cities implement planned period of rolling blackouts to reduce the potential of causing severe damage to the grid through shorts and electrical surges that could permanently destroy the circuits and other components that make them function.

People will also have to account for this new way of life in their homes as they deal with the inconveniences of needed to cut back on their use of appliances and other items that depend on electricity to function.

These storms will require a sustained effort of many people and the acceptance and integration of new ways of living for all of us to be safe during this strenuous time in our future.

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