Making Laws to Isolate Those who are Defenceless…/police-charge-90yearold-m…/29510268
To the those who are bringing this law in to place you know that you are wrong. I told you to leave the people alone stop trying to kill them. I want to public to know they are making laws to isolate those who are defenceless.Their plan to isolate and then let them die. Just as what is going on with the emergency management of cities we are watching them remove those elected to help the people. If this continue we will have less abilities to help others. These laws are wrong and their legal way to take the population down. I will start revealing what they are doing as I see it in my dreams to the public their plans. You can justify any thing you want but at some point the society will say enough and I am saying it. All those who are here belong to the Source and by that Authority put your plans down or I will be allowed to stop you in a way you don’t like.

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