Mandela Effect : Time Waves

Hi all today I drove over a hill where I would see large wind turbines in the distance. I looked on the horizon and they where gone so I talked with someone who lives in the area about them and I got no we never had them yes it was in my memory now.

When the Reptilians played with the time line they caused the same effect no one remembered it but I experience the waves on a regular basis changing things they wanted to hide about the events of exposing their activities. Now they are not able to hide as easy you are seeing it the truth. They no longer have control over you and can’t hide what they are doing.  

These time waves are changing back to what spirit has programed it for a different future. Time is used on the dimension and major changes where made by spirit. Yes you are now aware of the concept of it existing and will learn how it works as you are able to grow spiritually. Others will learn more about the portals and gates that exits. Due to being on a higher spiritual path. You need to let go the past and move on in spirit to learn yes you can remember but we have to move forward. I will be talking more about this topic in the future as I will open a portal for others. The 11 gate will be opened some time in the future.

Joan Hamilton (Mother Nature, Dimensional Keeper)

P.S. I deliver to you the information that spirit gives me. I work hard to stay self sufficient as to deliver the information and truth with out reptilian affecting my message. I am asking for help donations even a dollar will help me as they are attacking me now in ways to take that away from me. I am going to ask you send it in the mail

Thank You


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