Moving People to the Terminals to be Ready

I wrote this on June 1, 2015. (Dream page)

(So here is an update about getting ready for the Shift I was standing in a terminal. Directing many to the places that we all will be waiting to enter the next dimension. It was very exciting to be doing the readying for it. We have lots of small details to take care of until the time comes.)

The terminals is where we have you held on a spirit level. Your spirit is protected in the terminals because this process may hurt the bodies of those who are to be on the higher earth. So if you know that you are to go to the higher Earth you will get their we have made plans because the earth will be very violent. Know this process can’t be stopped not even by me. I have all ready opened the gate and it can’t be closed until the process is finished.

Ok people as soon as I get the all clear from those who are on the planet that they have left.  Then the process of separation of the Earth to the higher dimension will be completed. I am getting spiritual notification so if you don’t hear from me. It will be ok the process will begin on it’s own and you will start seeing and feeling the process. The only thing I can do now is protect the places I am in at the time.  Much love and blessings to All.

Joan (Dimensional Keeper, 4d Mother Nature and Guardian)

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