Oh My Goodness I just Realized that I have to Say Goodbye!!!!

​ To All those who are here from other places please pick up your people. I want you to notify me in spirit when all are leaving the planet I will wait for you all to leave safely.

To all the heavenly host who came here and put every thing on the line. I will never forget you, you are in my heart.

Please if you remember visit me it has been a blast working with you. I want to say this to everyone some I meet in spirit, some I got to talk with and others was just crazy I love you All.

I hope you all make your connections to go back home from being home sick for your dimensions, systems and people. You should be proud because you all did a good job even when you look back on the work you did.

Now it is time for all to go our separate ways as we continue on in our own spiritual journeys. I hope heaven is recording this I want a tape of all of it and the happenings of this events and characters.

I love you may the love you came with ever proceed you in your journeys my friends.

Joan  (Your Friend)

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