Our Solar System Entering A High Energy Zone

Hi All I have been silent for a while working making the planet ready.

We this whole Solar System is about to enter a space of very high energy.

The fires you are seeing is part of that energy starting to penetrate Earth’s field.

We have used a lot of water in the atmosphere to stabilize the environment to a degree.

But that fix will be wiped away by the energy we are entering and you will see fire on many places of the Earth.

You can see the affects of the other planets in our Solar System starting to show changes on them.

Soon the water that have kept the planet from burning will grow smaller. Soon within a several months you will see the shifting to more heat no more cooler zones.

The underground and surface of the planet will be affected as well so no Reptilians you will not survive this.

I want to say to all may you be blessed and may spirit guide you.

Joan ( Mother Nature)

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