Saudi Desert Turns Green

The work is coming along for a greener Africa. Still have some more to go. So there will be a field of flowers.
Joan (Mother Nature)
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Tsunami Wave To Hit US City

My heart beats for you I just want to say to All it is hard change. My love to those who are leaving in spirit. America you really going to have to brace yourselves for what is going to happen.I saw a city hit by a large wave the land is sinking the water will not go back out.

Joan (Mother Nature)

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Geoengineering : Environmental Warfare To Kill People

I saw a tsunami hitting a large city for the new year. I have been seeing this information for a while. So I am going to tell you what I am going to do are you listening people.
We are going to make the changes to stabilize the planet. The weather warfare is going to stop custodians you are to stand up and fight. I will remove the weather devices Reptilians you are not going to like it get a life learn you are not in control and you couldn’t fix the planet. You couldn’t stop it from breaking apart by your actions. You don’t have the ability to heal the environment. I am going to say this who are doing this will be removed by spirit.

Joan (Mother Nature)

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Poem : The Trumpet Blows

The Trumpet Blows

As we watch the Ego rages against Love

The Trumpets blow for All to answer the Call

The Anger grows to Escape from being Seen

The Trumpets blow for All to answer their Hearts

The time has come where the rage can’t be hold back anymore

let loose the build up of energy to end the Shame

The Trumpet blows who will to be blamed for the lies and shame

Copy Right 2017

Joan Hamilton

( Greenleafseer )

All Rights Reserved

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US Military and Cities of the US

I am warning you of this attack from the Hollow Earth Reptilians. They are making holes to enter areas of America. You should go back at least 3 months on the seismography with sustained energy. Also their is a fire in Arkansas red flag fire warning for CO,OK,NE,KS,MO,AR are making way for them to have human population cleared as to not identify activity. Putin is pulling his troops out of Syria because 2 million personnel was not enough? To the US Population you need to get ready as well to fight They are in the millions people that is the reason for the large network of children being taken in many countries now that network is being destroyed they have no food. DON’T SAY I DIDN’T WARN YOU
Joan (Mother Nature, Guardian, Messenger)

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Hollow Earth Attack On Me

Ok people as Mother Nature I am able to visit any place in spirit including Hollow Earth. When I showed up as spirit I was attacked by a soldier this didn’t hurt me but I will say they are get ready to come to the surface of Earth. They need food your children is it or you they are coming to ensure you understand that they are in control. America you are a main target so as you watch those who protect America get removed this is done so no one can raise the alarm when they arrive. I want to tell you something to those who are going to fight. Spirit have given you the advantage take it.
Trust what I am saying to you don’t be afraid for fear blinds the mind to do what you need to do to protect yourselves.

Joan ( Mother Nature, Guardian, Messenger)

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War : On All the Nations On Earth

The Reptilians have decided to go to war people. America they are starting by taking down your ability to with stand against them. It is happening right in front of your faces as they make new laws to weaken you. The reptilian have used America as a beast of burden to war on many. Now they are making you weak by the changes so when the invasion come you will not be able to stand their enslavement.The three places to keep an eye for is underground access they have made to the surface in America, Putin has increased his army by 2 million and mercenaries are gathering outside of America. What they didn’t count on was spiritual intervention. I am here to change what they are doing. I am here to help you make it through this time.

Joan (Messenger)

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