Reproduction On Earth

OK people now let me make some connections for you. Their are those who are the mammals reptilians which is the positive type blood their are other types as well. The negative blood types are the Aryan Race known as the (Nazi). They use those of the positive blood as what ever they are needed for. So they care greatly about your ability to reproduce as they have used human children as food for the Middle Earth Reptilians.

How I know this is because I have taken over the old Mother Nature duties and have broken the agreement of delivery of human food. Yes they are trying to figure out how to gain control of you again as to continue their practice. They both the Middle Earth Reptilians and the Aryans control what happens on Earth. They are about to get a rude awakening due to the changes the higher ups has made dealing with births of both animals and humanoids.

As Mother Nature my duties involve knowing about births so this is the new you could say policy. The Aryan Race will have fewer babies as they are removed by spirit this is an order from the higher ups. I know their are those who don’t follow your leaders and I will say this your life belongs to spirit so talk to them they will make the decision for you to stay or leave. For all others for both animals and humanoids births will be slowing down. New Souls coming to Earth have been reduced. This is due to Earth is in the process of being shut down. Those who are here now will be what is needed to help with the great change that have to be made to space. So as the time moves on I want people to keep in mind you live in a reptilian world some will still want meat.

Joan (Mother Nature)

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