Reptilians Rule of the Planet in Fear

The Reptilians use the Law as they want to change the lives of the people. They make new Laws like if anyone feeds a person who is homeless they can be arrested. Also they make it where if fracking is going on in your community. The person cannot have any recourse because you cannot take any legal action to stop them from destroying your home,family or community. This is how they Rule the planet in Fear so many feel helpless about this as a Planet and Society we are Ruled to be Slaves and Food. Your life means nothing no matter what you do even if you are lead by Spirit. You pay a price with your life being destroyed whether it is slowly by influencing others to not help you or they decide to kill you. Their gifts are that they can influence others through mind control by visiting you in dreams and intimidating you. They feed on the spirit of the children to cover their lack of light as a predator species. As well they use children sexually for imprinting their dna and eat them because they are food. What do you think they see when they look at you? A society that have no real love and hope makes the hearts of the people fail. That failure they count on so you can die when they want you to. If you know this is not what you are here for you have no choice but to stand up. I am here for the change they will not rule this planet any more. I can and will stop them I have the ability to.

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