Reseeding Earth

During the time 2012 when I walked into the position of Mother Nature. Earth was being reseeded by those who was sent to help with the change that was to happen to the planet. They did this from space with genetic materials that was dropped in very small silver balls. I also reviewed the animals who reentered Earth and the color change for the higher dimensional Earth. You should know that many different beings are involved with Earth and you are a part of a bigger society. People the reptilians can only get away with killing you if you allow it and don’t become aware of who have authority over you. You can say no as a society together with their plans to use you as food and such.The reason the new laws to not feed the homeless is because they can take those people to the new concentration camps and move them as food for the reptilians. As I have broken the past agreements to take children for food. Those who do this are of the German race who belong to Lyra reptilian race negative bloodline. The are not fully reptilian but are the middle alien who traffic in humans. They have planned this before and was stopped only you can stop them now. Resist because one day they will pick you up and do what they want.

Joan (Mother Nature)

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