Resources of oil,gas will not be available.

Hi as the planet experience the many storms and the people being displaced along with many deaths. What I have been viewing in my visions is that the population will grow smaller and the resources that we use to will not be available. I helped a village with gas where I helping them get some more. I also saw many stripping down buildings to get parts that could not be produced. The Hospitals had one crew that would take shifts in two places because the ability to train people was not available. I saw long lines waiting to be seen for the hospitals. Their will be many changes where society will have difficulties all we can do is regroup and do our best to help each other. War is not the answer but I am going to say this again to the reptilians I will not stand by and watch you wage war on a planet all ready having problems supporting life. Read My Lips I will be out moving around the planet and will use the guardians to remove those who don’t listen.

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