Some Islands will go Underwater
I wrote this on 9/03/2013 I am not saying that this is the Island but I want people to know small Islands will be unsafe for a while to live on because of the strength of the storms that are coming during this time. To protect lives you need to be on a main land for a while until we do the separation of the planet. Some islands will go underwater and you really don’t need to be their when that time happens.
September 3, 2013

Hi all I had a dream that there was two small Islands their was a flood on the Island where there was nice buildings. The buildings got a lot of water damages. Many started to rebuild on the island but it came to me that these two islands will be underwater in less than six months. To people if you see large water changes with your small island please consider leaving it. The water issues will be very bad to live in and with.

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