Spiritual and Physical Jurisdiction of Earth

The time shift that happened on Earth during November of 2016 changed this planet statues. Earth was known as an Earth School and with the changes made by spirit it is now just a planet. Many changes where made to the planet and the rules that would govern this planet. We are now in the higher vibrational Earth and as such the changes to the planet have been approve by Spirit.

As the New Mother to Earth and One of the 12 who gives this Earth oversight. The authority that is given to me by the office both in spirit and physically to affect Earth.

Planet Governance

Section A : Spiritual Court

I petition the Council of 12 to have a spiritual court on Earth as to govern the physical courts on Earth. Those who will represent the law due to the abuse of the those who are placed in the position of authority as to subvert a humane and a peaceable law that will support the whole planet by their actions. I ask for the immediate enforcement of this request.

1. I also petition the Council of 12 on the subject matter of the removal of the regime of rulers on Earth who are enforcing and changing the laws to continue the practices the don’t support Earth. As they are not able to be part of the changes that are to happen for the planet and higher vibrational Earth.

Section B: Custodial Work

Both the custodian in spirit and physical over see the planet in the physical. If any custodian is abused doing their duties I ask that court system to up hold their responsibility to the planet. By giving a judgment on the persons committing the offense. If custodians are killed by those who wish to continue to stop them from their duties that those involved will serve the same death penalty that was done to the custodian.

Section C: Mind Control

I give all custodians both in spirit and physically the directive to dismantle any device that is known to induce mind control on the population of Earth.

Section D: Fracking of Earth

No Fracking will be allowed on Earth. All custodians both in spirit and physical are to enforce this practice.

Section E: Custodian approval

Custodians can go to their community of custodians to make decisions on the changes introduce in their area. If there is a disagreement in the physical about the change they can ask spirit for help to resolve the issue. If both the spirit and physical custodians disagree then I will step in as to balance the decision as to the subject of change that is purposed.

Section F: Bombs

All bombing of the planet will stop as a form of war. All custodians both in spirit and physical are to enforce this practice.

Section G: Natures Patent

No person,entity or government are allowed to patent what is in nature and have exclusive rights.

Joan (Mother Nature)


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