Stopping Mining on Earth


What is happening to the planet is much more than climate change it is more systemic. There are many factors that make a planet function properly and let’s say massive amount of energy entering a solar system, moving magnetic poles, removing minerals from the body of the planet for a long period of time. Just a lack of understanding of what it takes to keep a planet functional can all add to the the break down of any planet.

In the near future mining on Earth will be halted or stopped. The custodians have all ready notify others who where mining Earth resources that are off world to leave.This process will continue in degrees so to help those who are to leave. Earth have been used as a mining planet but the time has come to end this practice.

As with the changes that is going on with Earth the animals will be fewer, trees and plants changes many places will have none more of a desert. Many cities will be destroyed due to weather changes so what we have done is to give you a short period of time to get yourselves together to leave.

I am here to keep the planet functional as long as I can until it’s End. Many beings have used it for a long time now we are moving into the later stages of the Earth cycle and everyone has to come to grips with this idea. It is a conversation that has to happen. Now I am going to say this you can ignore me but when the planet systems start to destroy whole cities that conversation will be to late.

Consider when you use a car for a long time at some point the mileage and wear,tear on the parts it just can’t be replaced any more it just needs to be retired. Well a planet is created and when it is used up the load of relying on it has to be eased Earth is now at that stage.

Joan ( Mother Nature)

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