“That God Loves All and has A Place for Everyone”

The message spirit gave me to tell all on the Planet “That God loves all and has a place for everyone“. We have finished our work on repairing the planet Earth 3d. We will be leaving soon I went to D.C. because they had their chance to take me to the pyramids to save the civilization on the 3d Earth. I have keep my promise to the Source to repair the planet but your leaders have not listen to me about letting me go to the pyramid. I now lay the responsibility of your lives in their shoulders. If they want to be dimensional keeper they can do the last repairs of earth themselves.

I have opened the gate for those who are waiting to cross over this is your last chance. I only have to do one more thing that is to activate the pyramids with the netting to protect the atmosphere of the planet and stop the vibrational destruction of the cities on this earth. As the increase in the resonance will cause and have all ready started to cause the surface of the earth to show the stress of the higher spin by breaking up the land and buildings will crumble.

You wanted to stop this process of coming to the schools to learn by increasing the negative energy and bring the planet to destruction. So let me tell you our plan yes we came and you have done your best to stop this system.  You are but a child and have no clue that the system is to big for you to stop. Just like any child you can choose your own destruction we will try to get you to understand you are loved. In the end it is you that will have to live with the consequences of your foolishness. I didn’t come with an army to you but by myself I asked if I could have access. Those in the heavenly could have given me an army to take the planet but they didn’t.  They gave me an army to repair it and save you. You have to learn that your cause is futile and you hurt yours selves. We came to show you that we will not leave you alone to die but you still don’t understand. Your next stop will be back to the spiritual planes.

So in saying that I have the Green Light to all Custodians I am ready.  To All of the heavenly host we are ready to depart and to the 3d earth we love you and see on the spiritual planes. The last stage of the process the increase in spin will be started soon the planet will get dangerous for a while then we will be gone and it will calm down.

We love you all light or dark every being belongs to the Source even the Reptilians. Just because you are being kicked off Earth doesn’t mean that you are not loved it means you need to be tame down. You are not unstoppable that is the lie you tell but I am charged with stopping you. I accept you for who you are more than you understand and want you to be that. Yourselves so you can live free just like others in the open. I may be hard on you but know I love you just the same as part of the Source.

Joan (Dimensional Keeper, Mother Nature and Guardian)

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