The Atlantis City called “Gedy”

  • I am bringing this dream up again to all of the people who are having past lives dreams of other places you have been. We are here now to start over and soon we will be in a place of technological advances and have to rebuild an society of the 5d earth.

    This was a dream I had Nov. 23, 2013 about an Atlantis city and the response I got for it asking if any one have heard of this city. Each Atlantis had a city name that is what I was shown when I was lead to it in my vision. I am looking for a location of this Atlantis City “Geday”. They purposely showed me the name of the city and the city it self partially underwater an event happened where they the people was able to recover some of the the city while the rest was surrounded by water. They used it as a recreation place for water events.

    Greenleafseer (question)

    That make sense because what I saw was an large shallow area that had crystal blue clear water. Many of the Atlanteans had water crafts and they where engaged in water sports and other activities in the water. As I traveled to the middle of the encompassed area there was like a hill above the water where was other structures and that is where they showed me the name of the city.

    Wisdom Beyond Beings (answered)

    The city “Woow” is the nearest city to “Gaddis” meaning beneath, not sure what or where “Geday” is. I used the name city for quick understanding and reference, but Atlantis never had cities, like the knowledge of cities on earth, they were called ” pranutuistis scrints” it was only after the volcanic eruption and a area of the earth sank below the ocean, that the original Atlantis was discovered, so the two emerged and became one. Gaddis was a part of the original pranutuistis Scrints, and so was “Woow” in total they were 26 Pranutuistis areas, and “Geday” was not one of the original names, however it might be an area from the Volcanic eruption, named after found beneath the ocean, but I have have never Heard of the name you mentioned, I hope you find what you seek. Much love to you, and all x

  • Brian Earthwatcher Once a psychic told me I was “The Man from Atlantis”. I always liked that idea. Incidentally, I have a fear of large waves washing over me. Often, I can’t close my eyes in the shower because I have flashes of huge waves climbing up over me. …This has…See More
  • Greenleafseer lol well many are here from the time of the Atlantis. We are here because their is work to do and the planets will be separating soon and that time will come again. Thank you for sharing with me your insights much love and blessings and nice to meet you.
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