The Dimensional Move to 5D

Hi Linda I have a fb page called greenleafseer where I put up the information of the future that will happen to the planet. I am a custodian where I am here to heal the planet and their will be a change in those who rule. I have reincarnated on this planet through many lifetimes. At some point the Anunnaki a reptilian extraterrestrial invaded the planet so it was decide spiritually to let them be here. As time went on they change and covered a lot of information up about other extraterrestrial. Those who where here before they also left their seeds. So now the dna of many are of different races that have been here at some time. We are at a point spiritually where the Anunnaki can be a part of the bigger group that exist in other dimensions. The time has come for all that was hidden to be revealed but also the planet needs to be repaired. The other extraterrestrial know many where call here to help in the transition. The base in Alaska is an extraterrestrial port I have seen it in spirit. The base is not as important as what is going to happen. The Anunnaki are working on taking the population down so they can control the planet once again but many are here from the Source this will not be allowed. The Universe was dimensionally moved during the times of the Atlanteans I am here to move it back. The pyramid they explored recently was part of the device that held this Universe in the 3rd dimension now that has been changing. Their is a pyramid that they have sealed until the time came for us go to back to the higher dimension. This is underwater and underground where it is connected the earth’s core. Once this is fixed the earth will take a thousand years to heal. It will also be at a higher dimension where we will be part of the bigger system again.

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